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Faunauge on the cover of the wedding magazine “Hochzeitsträume Sachsen” (Wedding Dreams Saxony)

Bridal styling with fascinator for the cover shoot

The cover shoot for the Weddingsträume Weddingmagazin Sachsen 2020/2021 was something very special for Faunauge. Because the cover model Freddy Holzapfel wore a fascinator that I designed especially for this event.

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A ship as a hat: Set sail!

Men's Hat Tricorn Ship

They say you get a chance when you’re not thinking about it. That’s what happened to me once at the great festival of the black scene in Leipzig, the Wave Gotik Treffen. As it happened, I met my favourite mead seller (my favourite place to go for years has been a stall at the Moritzbastei) on the way from one festival location to the next on the tram. Without knowing that I make hats, he told me he needed a big ship’s hat but didn’t know where to find something special like that. I offered to make him his very own custom ship’s hat. We met again later at the Sixtina, an absintheria in Leipzig’s city centre, to discuss all the details. I immediately set to work!

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Wave Gothic Festival 2016

Anticipation is the most – well, you know.

This year I’ve been looking forward to seeing Pentecost finally approaching and the Wave Gothic meeting begins. I had plenty of time to think about my style this year and to put my ideas into practice. For the “Jübiläums-Festival”, the WGT went over the stages of the city of Leipzig for the 25th time in 2016, the costume was to be particularly elaborate. So I was looking forward to our overnight guests from Bamberg and Wittenberg. Of course, we were all very curious to see what the event schedule would look like. So the five-day black party could almost begin!  Continue reading Wave Gothic Festival 2016

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Vintage shooting at the Old Commercial School in Leipzig

Hairpins Bride Old Commercial School

For the second time I have organised a vintageshoot. The first vintageshooting took place in Noel’s Ballroom. Now this time we moved into the Old Commercial Schoolin the Gießerstraße in Leipzig. I took some great pictures of my headdress and my little hats. But read and see for yourself!

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Faunauge’s Bridal Fascinator at Creative World 2016

Handmade bridal hair ornaments consisting of cotton flowers, silver wire and feathers

You know what it’s like: newsletter after newsletter trickles into your inbox and spam folder day and night. Sometimes, however, there is something useful in it. This was the case in late autumn 2015, when I received an advertisement for the world’s largest creative fair in Frankfurt am Main, Creative World. It had a special section: “Hatmaker”. You could send in any kind of hat. As it happens, the deadline was only 14 days away. For me, that meant: GO NOW, HURRY!

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Vintage shooting with Julia Seyfarth Design

Ready for taking pictures

I first worked with the lovely and creative Julia Seyfarth in 2017. I was going monochrome for a long time, black and white, a few coloured details at most. But through Julia’s influence and her vintage fashion in bright colours, I was inspired to create new radiant creations. Exciting fascinators were created, for which I learned traditional fabric folding techniques and adapted them for myself. Julia provided me with her fabric cuts and I made perfectly fitting headdresses. What was still missing was a proper vintage shooting …

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