Vintage Look

Past will be Present

Shopping vintage today has many advantages! The fast fashion industry is facing a headwind, because buying second-hand saves resources. Trends are short-lived, but good style lasts. Audrey Hepburn already knew that: “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades. Moreover, many patterns and shapes from “back then” can be wonderfully translated into today. It is not for nothing that many cuts are returning to the catwalks. For Faunauge, too, a look into the past brings many advantages.

Vintageshooting #1

With vintage fashion designer Julia Seyfarth, Faunauge not only outfitted the first trade fair appearance at the Designers Open in Leipzig.
We also captured beautiful images with a team at the hip Leipzig Irish pub Noels Ballroom for a vintage shoot. The dark setting was made for us. Read through how much fun the models, the photographer and us designers had.

Traditional techniques in a contemporary design

For Faunauge, I have learned a lot of traditional millinery techniques over the years. I draw steaming felt stumps over wooden moulds to make hats. I fold metres of rep ribbon to make cockades. I make each petal for the hats myself by handwith French ball irons that are heated. And yet I don’t copy the vintage models of yesteryear, but give them a new touch.

Vintageshooting #2 at the Old Commercial School

Our Vintage team was a guest at the Old Commercial School in Leipzig, which nowadays houses innovative studios and workshops. See how vintage dresses and hats were staged against an ornate setting. Model Victoria looks like a painting herself in every picture.

Fashion Derby Day at Scheibenholz Racecourse

Traditionally, hats are worn at the horse races. So, Faunauge mingled with the crowdwith the most sensational hat creations. Like Ascot.

Vintage encourages sustainability

Giving old fabrics and garments a whole new life is one way of using fashion resources more sustainably. For Faunauge, I rework a lot of fabrics that come from household liquidations or are left over when converting to a Capsule Wardrobe.

Modern Cut in one of a kind design
Blouse fabric is perfect for alterations

Faunauge’s starting Point with Upcycling

Faunauge started as a small company and was dependent on fabric donations. However, the fact that this need turned out to be a sustainable idea was only logical and accompanies me to this day.

I made your hat! Fashion Revolution

What began with the collapse of a textile factory in Bangladesh has now become a widely discussed movement. Slow Fashion. As an individual entrepreneur, I also try to make a small contribution by buying only from fairly produced labels and by entering into dialogue with my customers about global production conditions.

Creation by Faunauge Japaese Fabric Flowers Kanzashi
Blossoms from blouse fabric

Vintage as Rockabilly Style

From time to time I take my old “Grease” CD out of the shelf. My graduating class even danced a choreography to “We stay together” at the graduation ball. But as they say, “That’s another story in time.” What has remained, however, is the fun of the music. And so the odd song or two creeps in. Rockabilly hatand hair band in the Faunauge assortment.