Wedding Look

Faunauge offers unique headdresses, individual bridal belts and matching earrings and bracelets for your wedding. All hair combs, fascinators and accessories are handmade. Each piece is unique! At Faunauge you will find the perfect accessories for your wedding look!

Gothic Look

Let’s have a black celebration! Welcome to the dark universe of Faunauge! I make your accessories for the black scene. Find small hats, accessories and many ideas for your gothic outfit. Do you like the Victorian look, are you Posh Goth, sometimes fascinated by Steampunk, but always black at heart? Then Faunauge is the right place for you! Take a look around and feel at home!

Vintage Look

Fashion that is reminiscent of patterns from past decades or even centuries is a great alternative for those who like to move far away from the mainstream. Likewise, the trend of buying from second-hand shops leads to a more conscious approach to fashion. Moreover, reworking old fabrics into something new makes it possible to work in a resource-saving way. At Faunauge, you will find beautiful headwear that is made using traditional craftsmanship and often made from surprising materials.

Everyday Wear

You can also wear beautiful headdresses in everyday life. A headband can quickly help you out of a bad hair day. It can quickly become your favourite companion. A beautiful turban cap is also a real all-rounder. Let Faunauge’s street style pieces inspire you.

Unique and individual

Faunauge is a small local shop atelier that does not specialise in mass production, but in the creation of individual one-offs and small series. Each headdress should be as unique as the wearer.

Customers and their customised products from Faunauge