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Fascinators, hair combs and small hats of Faunauge are unique works of art. White for weddings, black for dark romantic celebrations or colourful vintage style. Each unique piece is handcrafted in the Leipzig studio. 

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New Shop in Leipzig

I run my 1st Faunauge shop since June 2019. Visit my studio, browse the product range and spend a nice time in my shop!

Headbands are perfect all-round talents. Practical and pretty at the same time, they tame your hair and even look trendy. Combine Faunauge hairbands with your outfits.

At Faunauge you get uniquely beautiful bridal hair jewellery, individually made bridal belts and delicate bridal jewellery. Your wedding accessories are lovingly handmade. I make even alternative bridal bouquets and corsage flowers for your partner for you.

Individuelle Anfertigung Brautschmuck


Every bride is unique! That’s why I’m happy to design your very individual bridal jewellery, which is perfectly adapted to your wardrobe. You are welcome to contact me, tell me your wishes and together we can create your desired accessories.

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Whether romantic, bohemian or floral: hair accessories always set magnificent highlights. With great attention to detail, playful accessories such as hairpins, combs and wreaths for modern hairstyles are created in Faunauges studio.

Faunauges earrings, bracelets and badges round off the hair accessories. Or set the necessary highlight when worn individually. Small gemstones or unusually folded ribbons bring a smile to your face.

Blog by Faunauge

Herrenhut Dreispitz Schiff

Set sail!

They say you get a chance when you’re not thinking about it. This is what I experienced at the great festival of the black scene in Leipzig, the Wave Gotik Treffen. It happened that I met my favorite mead salesman (I have been going to a booth on the Moritzbastei…
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Wave Gothic Festival 2016

Anticipation is the most – well, you know. This year I’ve been looking forward to seeing Pentecost finally approaching and the Wave Gothic meeting begins. I had plenty of time to think about my style this year and to put my ideas into practice. For the “Jübiläums-Festival”, the WGT went…
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Hairpins Flowers White Wedding Faunauge

Vintage shooting at the Old Trading School in Leipzig

I organized a vintage shooting with my team from the Ballroom for the second time. This time we moved into the Old Trading School in the Gießerstraße in Leipzig. In the process, again great pictures of my headdress and my hats were created. But read and see for yourself!
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Bridal Fascinator with Silverwire

Faunauges bridal fascinator at Creative World 2016

You know it too: Newsletter newsletters via newsletter spill into your inbox and spam folder day and night. But sometimes there is something useful. My mails contained an advertisement for Creative World 2016, the world’s largest creative trade fair in Frankfurt am Main. This one had a special category:”Hatmaker”. Any…
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Vintage inspired photos with Julia Seyfarth Fashion Design

I have been working with the lovable and creative Julia Seyfarth since 2017. We have only known each other for a short time, but we soon realized that we have a very positive influence on each other’s work. I was monochrome for a long time, black and white, at most…
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The face of Faunauge

Who made my clothes? I made your hat!

The global slow fashion movement is an important part of raising awareness for a fairer treatment of workers who make garments for the whole world. The working conditions under which the majority of consumers work are often unaware or are deliberately ignored. However, more and more consumers are publicly appearing…
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Behind the scenes of our bridal photo shooting in spring 2017

Faunauge was invited by Christian Born to decorate his bridal hairstyles for beautiful pictures with beautiful ribbons, flowers and pearls. The atmosphere was relaxed, the models Anna and Julia as well as Anna and Victoria were made up and dressed in peace and harmony. I also learned a lot from…
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Faunauge for theatre and film

Although my background in designing jewelry for Faunauge often comes from the black scene, the most important part of my personality is theatre. I have worked a lot on and behind the stage and know what is important when an actor or actress uses a costume part. I love the…
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Faunauge in South of England

One of the last private summer holidays led us to the beautiful south of England. The omnipresence of the British royal house, the breathtaking landscape and architecture, as well as a surprising find in a small alley at the end of the journey made the trip very worthwhile for Faunauge.
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Materials and handling

List of materials used Faunauge uses all possible and impossible materials. For example, wires of different colours and thicknesses, glass, wax, wooden and metal beads, cabochons, semi-precious stones, silver shapes, metal and plastic sequins, satin and organza ribbons, ribbed ribbons, felt variants, jersey, cotton, silk, satin, jeans, lace, tulle, lacquer,…
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Discover Faunauges black soul. Playful Victorian-style gothic accessories, steampunk and posh goth are elementary components of the Faunauge universe. See you at the WGT at the Whitsun weekend from 07 – 10 June 2019 in Leipzig.

The bridal bouquet is one of the most important accessories on the most beautiful day of your life. Faunauge makes imperishable bouquets by hand from extraordinary materials for unforgettable weddings.

Bridal belts create the perfect link for a wedding dress with the rest of the festive equipment. Faunauge creates the balanced harmony that is so important for your wedding ceremony.

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