Faunauge – Headwear and Accessories

Everything for the head. And even more!

In the Faunauge shop atelier, you can find everything you need for headwear and jewellery in Leipzig. Discover headbands, fascinators, hats and caps of a special kind as well as wedding accessories, bracelets and ear jewellery.


At Faunauge you can now attend uniquely beautiful workshops! Learn how to make fabric flowers and take home your very own piece of jewellery. Or try your hand at creating delicate flowers out of nail polish. Discover the craftsmanship of Faunauge with your friends, meet people with similar interests and try it out for yourself!

Step inside and let yourself be enchanted

The shop studio was opened in August 2019 and is located in Leipzig’s Südvorstadt district. I look forward to talking to you, because I’m excited to see how you like Faunauge’s creations for headdresses, hats and accessories!


Kurt-Eisner-Straße 11
Leipzig, Sachsen 04275
Phone: 0341 65834519
Email: info@faunauge.de

Opening Hours

Tues – Fr 2 – 6 pm
every 1st Sat/month 11 am – 3 pm
Appointments all day by arrangement

How to find me

Bus 60 and 74 Stop Fockestraße
Bus 89 Stop August-Bebel-Straße/Kurt-Eisner-Straße
Parking facilities available

Discover the diversity and uniqueness of the look of Faunauge

Faunauge walks between the worlds. Dive with me from one into the next. Explore Faunauge’s wedding range, the dark romanticism of the gothic scene and vintage-inspired headdresses. Let yourself drift in street style or have your own unique piece made just for you.

Buy small series and unique pieces directly in the online shop

You can’t come to the shop studio in person? No problem! Because in the Faunauge online shop you can find examples of hair jewellery, unique pieces and small series that can be sent directly. Browse through the individual products, be inspired by the sets or give vouchers as gifts.


Learn interesting facts about Faunauge’s production techniques and events. If you click through the interesting topics, you will learn how flowers can be folded from fabric or why the WGT is so important for Faunauge.