Faunauge Online-Shop – Extravagant fashion for your head

Fascinators, hair combs and small hats from Faunauge are unique works of art. White for weddings, black for dark romantic parties or colourful vintage style. Each unique piece is handcrafted in my studio in Leipzig.
You find matching pieces of jewellery like earrings or bracelets for your all-round carefree package for  black and white occasions.
Herrenhut Dreispitz Schiff
Set sail!
They say you get a chance when you’re not thinking about it. This is what I experienced at the great
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Wave Gothic Festival 2016
Anticipation is the most – well, you know. This year I’ve been looking forward to seeing Pentecost finally approaching and
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Hairpins Flowers White Wedding Faunauge
Vintage shooting at the Old Trading School in Leipzig
I organized a vintage shooting with my team from the Ballroom for the second time. This time we moved into
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Whether romantic, Boho-style or floral designs: a hair ribbon is a fashionable item to upgrade your outfit. Faunauge knows how to turn a boring outfit into a roaring outfit.
"The hair accessories were just great. They have even survived a jump into the pool without being damaged at all."
Jessica hat in Faunauge-Schmuck geheiratet
married in July, 2017, wearing Faunauge.
A bridal bouquet is one the most beautiful accessories for a wedding. Hence, it has to represent the bride’s style. I create unique bouquets, because I want every bride to carry her individual, unforgetable and everlasting bouquet.