Shop Studio and Label

The Faunauge shop studio is located in the heart of Südvorstadt in Leipzig. The hat shop opened on 28.09.2019 and has since been the place to go for those interested in individual headwear and headdresses. The range includes many products for everyday use such as headbands and caps. Furthermore, there are hair wreaths, crowns and fascinators for special occasions such as weddings or the Wave Gothic Treffen. If you are looking for a small gift, take a look at the scrunchies, earrings and necklaces.


Kurt-Eisner-Straße 11
Leipzig, Sachsen 04275
Phone: 0341 65834519

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Opening Hours

Tuesday14:00 - 18:00
Wednesday14:00 - 18:00
Thursday14:00 - 18:00
Friday14:00 - 18:00

View into the Studio of Faunauge

A Studio combined with a Shop

All the beautiful things Faunauge makes are created in the unique space in the shop studio in Leipzig’s Südvorstadt district. When you walk in the door, the studio part with the historic spiral staircase is on the left and the two-level shop part is on the right.
On the one side of the room, you get an insight into many tools and processes that are necessary for building. Here I choose the materials together with the customer and the first impressions of the later product come together to form a picture.
On the other side of the hat shop, all the finished headwear and jewellery can be viewed, tried on and purchased. In addition, many of the products on display serve as inspiration for customised creations.
The Faunauge shop studio in Leipzig: an independent shop that, together with many other colleagues, makes up the charm of this world.

Photos: © Sola Nig (Follow on Instagram!)

View into the Shop Faunauge

Events in the Shop

The rooms of the shop studio are beautiful. They tell magical stories with their architecture and furnishings. They literally invite you to use them for events in addition to the workshop.
And if there is a special occasion or holiday coming up, there is also a competition or two at Faunauge.


Faunaugeis a neologism. It is composed of the fantastic creature faunand the organ eye. The faun is a being from another world, he is half goat, half human. Through the eye of the faun we can look into these other worlds and be enchanted.
Therefore, it is not the butterfly that is misspelled here. However, the neologism deliberately plays with this association.

The Philosophy of Faunauge

On the one hand, I have learned traditional craft techniques for Faunauge and also use traditional tools. For example, hat moulds made of wood or French iron tools are used to make fabric flowers. Unique products are also created from classic materials such as sinamay and felt. On the other hand, as often as possible I try to process material that has already been in circulation. Garments that are no longer used can be excellently reworked in the shop atelier and give fabrics a new life. This conserves resources, one of the most important issues in afast-moving fashion industry. May it be Newsboy cap? Maybe from an old pair of jeans? No problem.

I get inspiration from many areas of art. Literature, films and past eras are very rich sources of beautiful forms. Nature (I also have a garden) is of course one of the most talented inventors. But the materials used themselves, with their inherent characteristics, are also sources of inspiration. My customers also always bring me new ideas, which I like to incorporate. And very important: my imagination. All these points together make up Faunauge’s style.

Faunauge’s style moves between natural elegance, vintage and dark romanticism. But smaller, simpler models with a fine straightforwardness can also be found at Faunauge.

Podcast with Faunauge

Retail expert and brand specialist Johannes Albert interviewed me for his podcast “Unfold your shop” on the topics of shop as favourite place, press, balance and much more. Listen to the beautiful conversation about the shop studio here:
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Pagoda with hat stand by Faunauge at the Fashion Derby Day racecourse Scheibenholz 2018
Fashion Derby Day in Leipzig 2018

Fairs and Markets

  • Digital Christmas Market on the Connewitz Cross 2020
  • Wedding Fair Moated castle Klaffenbach 2019
  • Castle Brandis Wedding Fair 2019
  • Castle Altenburg Wedding Fair 2019
  • Works of art market Moated Castle 2018
  • The Market – Christmas Edition Täubchenthal Leipzig 2018
  • Fashion Derby racecourse Scheibenholz 2018
  • Designers’ Open Leipzig 2017


Wedding Fair Castle Brandis 2019 – photo von Fräulein Zimmer


Owner Romy Marienfeld

Portrait by Maren Tobis


  • Born in Leipzig
  • Studies at the University of Leipzig: Theatre studies (focus on acting practice in theatre and film and theatre anthropology) and English studies (focus on British children’s and fantasy literature, postcolonialism, phonetics, sociolinguistics).
  • Acting lessons with Meike Anna Stock, Marco Wohlwend, Bernd Schlenkrich at the Theater der Jungen Welt Leipzig (basics, biomechanics, stage fencing)
  • Leipzig independent scene (KAOS, TheaterPACK) and Halle (Konsortium Luft und Tiefe e.V.). (assistant director, costume, acting, play development)
  • Theatre der Jungen Welt Leipzig (internship and assistant director, costume for final production StudentenClub)
  • Founding of the Faunauge label as a sideline activity
  • Landestheater Thüringen in Rudolstadt (soufflage, assistant director, acting)
  • Independent with Faunauge

Theatre productions

  • “Nie wieder lieben” (Acting, Costume; director: I. Hertel Niemann)
  • “Ein Garten voller Gnome” (Reading; Director: Romy Marienfeld)
  • “Klara trifft Clara” (Acting; Director: I. Hertel Niemann)
  • “Die kluge Bauerntochter” (Costume; Director: kaninchenkatze and Wolfgang Gerber)
  • “König Drosselbart” (Costume; Director: Sebastian Thiers)
  • “8 Frauen” (Acting; Director: Lisa Wilfert)
  • Landestheater Thüringen in Rudolstadt Acting: “Raus aus dem Haus”, “Schneewittchen & die zwei Zwerge”, “Der falsche Don Juan”, “Raus aus dem Haus”, “Gerüchte, Gerüchte”, “Weekend im Paradies”
  • “Opa Cupa” (set design stopmotion video; director: Sebastian Zimmermann; 2nd place U.F.O Short Film Festival)
  • “Leonce und Lena” (Acting, Props; Director: Frank Schletter)
  • “Sechs Könige” (2. Directing Assistance; Director: Stefan Ebeling)
  • “Pferde. Ein Tanzmarathon” (Acting, Corstume; Director: Meike Anna Stock)
  • some Christmas reading

Portraits by

© Sola Nig
Retro Headband Basic Colour Green
© buntes.auge.fotografie
Faunauge smiles
© Sola Nig