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Upcycling – Faunauge on sustainability


The awareness of upcycling and sustainability within our consumer society is constantly increasing. After large factories have been collecting material for decades to reprocess it, a similar process is making its way into domestic households. If an old item is no longer used for its original purpose, it is changed and upgraded. Upcycling, a movement that is certainly familiar to every inventor. Faunauge also makes use of this trend and uses the advantages it brings with it. Translated with

A Trend

Der Feind des Kleidungsstuecks - der Freund des Upcycling-Spezialisten- die Schere
The best friends of an upcycler – scissors

The so-called upcycling, the upgrading of old materials and objects, developed into an absolute trend together with DIY. For some time now, for example, the DaWanda Internet platform has been offering not only handmade unique items, which form the main part of the platform’s marketing strategy, but also do-it-yourself instructions on all kinds of handicrafts. The demand for self-made products is increasing. The large number of downloads of instructions confirms a wide interest among individualists. Knitting and Co. are again in. But upcycling involves more than mere self-creation. Fashion designers search for worn out garments, cut the seams and create completely new, unexpected and extravagant couture. Even at the Fashion Week in Berlin, in the absolute upper class of the designer world, 2014 models were presented. What’s special about Fashion Week 2014: Faunauge jewellery was on show. Translated with

Old clothes? Give them to me!

Geister aus dem Kleiderschrank
Ghosts of my wardrobe

Faunauge also participates in the current upcycling movement. Although it was more of a hardship in the beginning, it soon became clear that this would have useful consequences. For lack of suitable fabrics, I searched my own wardrobe for discarded shirts, blouses, and trousers. And lo and behold: there are some treasures to be found. Soon it became known that I am a happy customer of worn skirts, shirts and jackets. Meanwhile I don’t have to ask any more. Some colleagues and friends bring me their things to clear the ship in the closet. I cut up the clothes, cut the fabric and put it together again to small pieces of jewellery in the form of hats, stickers or Japanese fabric blossoms (Kanzashi). As a thank-you the generous donors often receive an accessory whose fabric they recognize with amazement and joy. Only the men could not do much with their business shirts that had been transformed into flowers. I wonder why that is?

Advantages of Upcycling

Stoffarchiv nach dem Sortieren
Cloths after sorting out textiles

In addition to creating space in the cabinet, upcycling has many other advantages. For Faunauge, I was able to get other materials free of charge in addition to the conventional materials bought in the fabric shop. It is unbelievable what beautiful patterns I can add to my assortment, because it would be too bad if such beautiful fabrics would disappear. Therefore I can also react faster, if a special customer wish reaches me. It is particularly practical if a customer wants to have his or her own garment reworked. Old models and individual preferences can help the environment

Customers can be sure to receive very special pieces. Waste is also reduced. People often no longer trust the old clothes collection, which is increasingly being misused for private companies. Clothes would be thrown away if no other buyer could find them. If the entire part is no longer usable, some details or areas of the fabric that are less used can still be made usable. After that, the remainders can still be disposed of.

Aus alt mach neu!
Turn old into new!

An enormous amount of water is also always consumed for the production of fabrics. If these substances are used by consumers for as long as possible, water consumption will also be somewhat more sensible. The utilization of seemingly worthless objects and their combination to entities with completely new properties, modes of action and results has become a trend. With Faunauge I instinctively jumped on this trend. It’s fun to let off steam on clothes that no longer serve other people and to work them up into pieces of jewellery. With this kind of fabric handling, Faunauge can also contribute to a more responsible use of resources. Creating accessories is fun, costs are saved and customers get exceptional pieces of jewellery. Three in one trick!

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