Headband with red flowers Spanish Blossom


Traditional Spanish fashion was the inspiration for this opulent headband. Big flower headbands are absolute must haves, if the outfit still lacks that certain something. From the headband to the petal, each piece is handmade.

estimated delivery: 1-3 days


The most beautiful thing about summer is not only the great bathing temperatures. But also the wide variety of flowers in the gardens and meadows. That’s why hair decoration with flowers is always a great eye-catcher, which pleases both wearer and all viewers. The headband with red flowers is inspired by traditional Spanish fashion.

A headband with red flowers is created

Every part of Faunauge is handmade. The headband from Sinamay is formed over a hat block. I cut each petal out of stiffened satin to form it with traditional, heatable tools. Then I put the petals together to build a beautiful peony. This headband takes about 10 hours of work.

Additional information

Weight68 g
Dimensions40 × 14 × 10 cm

satin, sinamay, waxy blossom stamp

Attachment type

alice band

Basic colour


Detail colour