Blue Fascinator Blue Blossom


The blue fascinator is an unbelievable eye-catcher. To an elegant evening gown or a sensational costume, you will shine! Be brave and wear hat! You can afford it!

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Faunauges blue Fascinator Blue Blossom is unsurpassed in elegance, uniqueness and radiance. The blue of the hat harmonizes perfectly with the flowers and the dark edges of the petals, which curl up to their great shape by melting.

Constructing the blue fascinator Blue Blossom

First, I pull the felt over a hatblock. This gives it its characteristic shape. Where I got this special hat shape, you can read in my blog about a hatter’s tools. After drying, I’ll decorate the hat. The flowers consist of countless small petals of fabric, which I melt at the edge. This results in a curled edge that is slightly darker. This also gives the petals good stability. Last but not least, the flowers are filled with freshwater pearls.

Additional information

Weight150 g
Dimensions18 × 14 × 6 cm
Attachment type

hat band

Detail colour


Basic colour



chiffon, felt, sweetwater pearls