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Grand Opening of the atelier Faunauge

Group photo fashion show

The fact that there is finally a Faunauge shop studio is a good reason to celebrate. That’s exactly what we did! It was a wonderful celebration. Check out the pictures of the Grand Opening at the end of September 2019. The brilliant opening was duly celebrated.

A fashion show with special models

My first self-hosted fashion show couldn’t have been better! I am so happy. My friends don’t all have modelling experience, but that was actually important to me. Because I think they exude personality that is full of character and not rehearsed. And that’s what matters to me. You are wonderful!
They ran to the Depeche Mode songs “Nothing’s impossible” and “Only when I lose myself” because this band has been with me for so many years.

The Real Bride with Faunauges Fascinator

Traditionally, the bride is the highlight of a fashion show. That was also the case at this ceremony. It was so beautiful because suddenly the following could be heard in the audience: “Ohhhh” and “Ahhhh”! The special thing about this wedding dress with fascinator: the model really got married in it just a few days before. I am very proud to have made her fascinator. It goes without saying that I embroidered it completely by hand. Because the dress has beautiful embroidery. So I really wanted to achieve a rounded look.

Theatre for Faunauge for the grand opening

I got a huge surprise from the Leipzig theatre group “Eheähnliche Theatergemeinschaft kaninchenkatze”. Steffi, Alex and their daughter performed a world-famous sketch for us. They completely rewrote it to fit the job of a self-employed headdress designer. What a wonderful performance and enrichment! I love working with these two. I have already contributed costume pieces for their great children’s and spoken theatre plays several times.

Theatre by the "Eheähnliche Theatergemeinschaft kaninchenkatze" (Marriage-like Theatre Community kaninchenkatze)
“kaninchenkatze” have rewritten a famous sketch on Faunauge
Theater kaninchenkatze Danksagung von Faunauge
Thank you dear Theatre “kaninchenkatze”

Dear industry colleagues as guests

Besides personal friends who have experienced the last months and years of Faunauge, dear colleagues from the industry were also there. Luise Neugebauer has her jewellery shop on Karl-Liebknecht-Straße. Janet Sprotte sews with ZanetaMode bridal wear in Körnerstraße. Furthermore, our dance teachers were there. The tango teachers Thoma and Sarahdance just around the corner from Faunauge in Brandvorwerkstraße. I also had the pleasure of a visit from Carina and her husband from “Der Hutladen” in the Strohsackpassage.

Relaxed atmosphere at the opening of the cosy shop studio

It was a really nice evening. Not only the programme part was right, but also the food (thanks mum!), the music and the ambience. My New York Cheesecake went “like hotcakes”.

Thank you so much for coming to the opening. You made such a beautiful celebration, which was also my birthday celebration, with me!
Thanks for reading.

And thanks to Daniel Marienfeld: he took the pictures. You can find his photos on Instagram on his profile “Sola Nig”!
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