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Your special custom-made piece by Faunauge

individuelle Anfertigung Brauthaarschmuck

Individual pieces of jewellery for individual wearers. According to this motto, I would love to create your headpiece or whatever piece you adore to support your special occasion. I make new pieces for my customers by following my Faunauge style. Please use the contact form to send me your individual request. We will talk about basic styles and details in conversations and via email. Detailed formulations are essential to a successful production. I consider colours and cut of the customers dress as well as her or his personality. As recently as all questions have been answered, I start creating the piece and the order is official. I send photos of the creation process to be sure the piece I develop is to the customer’s liking.
If you already like one of my piecces in the shop but would like to order another colour or fastener, you can send me an email and tell me your request. So I can create a similar piece that really agrees your taste.

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Japanese fabric flowers – Kanzashi

Japanese Fabric Flowers Created by Faunauge

What is Kanzashi?

Roughly speaking, Kanzashi means the traditional headdress of Japanese geishas and maikos. Originally it consisted of a decorated bar of hair that was put into the hairstyle and was also used for defensive purposes. In the course of time, the shapes became more varied. The history of Kanzashi as such is said to have started 3000 years ago. In the Edo period (1603-1867) the form of the Edo Tsumami Kanzashi is said to have been created, as it is also known today. The application of folded flowers gives the Kanzashi the nickname Tsumami. The traditional hairstyles wear flower decorations adapted to the season. Each month is assigned a special type of flower. Plum blossoms stand for example for February, cherry blossoms (Japanese: sakura) for April and blue rainforests for May. Continue reading Japanese fabric flowers – Kanzashi

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Faunauge’s Gothic Style

Faunauge’s Style changes

I started out of necessity with a costume for a school theater performance in which I played a vampire. It consisted of a black velvet skirt, a self sewn red velvet bodice and a completely slanting velvet cloak. Well, since I didn’t need an outfit in no time at all, because I was asked a few days before my first WGT to come along, this station wagon had to be enough. For next year I could prepare myself longer. Then a real satin corsage and a cute lace top with many buttons were added. Continue reading Faunauge’s Gothic Style

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Wave Gotik Treffen – Black Celebration

Once upon a time….

… there was a little girl. This little girl lived in a flourishing city that wore a little more black than the rest of the year. The girl was always excited at that time, namely at Whitsuntide, because her big brother brought much of the black color home to fly out at night, transformed. As the girl grew up, she had to take on a great responsibility from one day to the next. Suddenly his brother had no company for the wanderings in the twilight. And so it happened that the little girl found herself in the beautiful black tulle skirt and velvety red bodice, which had been given to him by a magic fairy, and spread the black wings with his brother and disappeared into the Pentecost nights. Continue reading Wave Gotik Treffen – Black Celebration

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Upcycling – Faunauge on sustainability


The awareness of upcycling and sustainability within our consumer society is constantly increasing. After large factories have been collecting material for decades to reprocess it, a similar process is making its way into domestic households. If an old item is no longer used for its original purpose, it is changed and upgraded. Upcycling, a movement that is certainly familiar to every inventor. Faunauge also makes use of this trend and uses the advantages it brings with it. Translated with

Continue reading Upcycling – Faunauge on sustainability
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DIY – Create your own nailpolish flowers

Nail polish flower in pink shades

I adore delicate, fragile and elegant bridal accessories. While looking for further techniques for my bridal flowercrowns, I found cute flowers made of nailpolish. For a long disturbing time, I could not master the tutorials on youtube. Finally, I managed to do so with stunning results.
The whole article will further be translated into the English language. Step by every now and then and check, how we proceed.

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Professional equipment for professional results

My first Boater!

Professional tools produce professional results. I’m very eager to improvise and use all sorts of things that at first glance have nothing to do with headdress making. But every now and then, it makes sense for everyone involved to have proper equipment. For me: because I can achieve good results and apply techniques perfectly in a targeted manner. For relatives: because I don’t curse when something doesn’t hold the same, but rather do my work by whistling with pleasure. Freestyle customers: because you get 1A handwork at Faunauge.

The creator

Many thanks to the team of Guy Morse-Brown, the Hatblockmaker! The products are beautifully crafted, I have also received a gift in the form of new hat pins. And Catherine’s writing enchanting customer emails. You can ask her any question, and even if she doesn’t have the answer ready yet, she researches for the customers. Thank you very much!

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