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Faunauge’s Gothic Style

Faunauge’s Style changes

I started out of necessity with a costume for a school theater performance in which I played a vampire. It consisted of a black velvet skirt, a self sewn red velvet bodice and a completely slanting velvet cloak. Well, since I didn’t need an outfit in no time at all, because I was asked a few days before my first WGT to come along, this station wagon had to be enough. For next year I could prepare myself longer. Then a real satin corsage and a cute lace top with many buttons were added.

We were able to make some things ourselves. The skirts, for example, were sewn by the artist himself from the very beginning. I didn’t find the style I wanted to achieve in trade. The velvet skirt was replaced after a few years by a great wide skirt made of gabardine and brocade. So that the skirts also fall down, I wear a ripening skirt and a tulle skirt underneath, which was extended every year by more meters of tulle. By combining it with a strict jacket, chains and feathers my favourite outfit was formed.
Every year I made new headdress. First I sewed a mini tricorn made of felt and a cloth rose. After that I built a much bigger three-pointed point and covered it with the brocade material matching the skirt. Also a small boat with lace was included. The list of headdress is almost endless.

WGT 2015

Last year, 2015, I also prepared a lot: the tulle of the petticoat has been cleaned and re-picked. The hem of the skirt has been cleaned and sewn tightly around (expensive clothes don’t survive festivals without damage). I also made a new dress. Of course with matching headdress. This time in black and white stripes, I always wanted to have stripes! The crown of the Victorian outfit is for sale, it just doesn’t suit me so well.

Preparations for Whitsun 2016

By 2015 I already got along very well with a tighter dress form, so in 2016 I wear a tight Mermaid-style dress again. This time completely black with many antique silver studs. Since I meanwhile wear short hair and it’s a known fact that I can’t do updoes well with short hair, I built a big felt hat. I hope everything fits together.

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