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Faunauge’s Gothic Style

A fun photo shoot with Anna M. Bu

The dark scene has been part of Faunauge’s life since 2003. Since then, my personal gothic style has evolved many steps. In the following article you will learn a lot about my style developments since my first steps in the realm of the aftershadows.

Wave Gotik Treffen Leipzig 2022

Great to see everything black again! The dark community was finally together again after 2 years. And to celebrate, I made a spectacular new ship hat for the Victorian Picnic. I got inspiration for it exclusively from the captain of the traditional sailing ship Roald Amundsen.

Ship hat WGT and Faunauges style at the Victorian Picnic 2022
Ship hat “Saint Thomas!

Faunauge’s Gothic Style Beginning

Actually, you’re not supposed to tell anyone. But I’ll tell it anyway. I started out of necessity with a costume for a school play in which I played a vampire. It consisted of a black velvet skirt, a homemade red velvet bodice and a completely crooked velvet cape. Well, since I needed an outfit in no time because I was asked to come just a few days before my first WGT, this combo had to do.

After a temporary solution now a respectable gothic style
The first real outfit

The following years

For the next year, I was able to prepare longer. Then I got a real satin corsage and a cute lace top with lots of buttons.
Some things we were able to make ourselves. The skirts, for example, were self-sewn from the beginning. I couldn’t find the style I wanted in the shops. The velvet skirt was replaced after a few years by a great wide skirt made of gabardine and brocade. To make sure the skirts fell roomy, I wore a hoop skirt underneath as well as a tulle skirt, adding more metres of tulle every year. By combining it with a strict jacket, chains and feathers, my favourite outfit to date was formed.

The dresses

My dresses were always ensembles of skirts and tops. At first I wore a velvet skirt. This skirt was replaced by a brocade skirt. Later, I once wore a black and white striped tight dress, an homage to Beetlejuice. Then one year I decided to wear a tight, very simple (I probably won’t do that again) dress in the Mermaid cut.

The headdress

Every year there was a new headdress, even if the outfit hadn’t changed. But the gothic headdress had to be new!
First I made a tiny tiara out of wire. The very next year I made a small tricorn. I also tried a black crown made of lace. It was beautiful, but it didn’t suit me personally. That is why it is for sale. I made a mourning hat with a veil to go with my Mermaid dress. As I love fascinators, I wore a decorative hat decorated with silver chains and a mouse skull for many years. This fascinator can also be perfectly combined with different hairstyles and even a turban.

Shift to Style in Trousers

I now wear tight black trousers, a lavish waistcoat embroidered with silver studs and changing headdresses. At one point I felt that Victorian skirts no longer suited my style. What I call the “post punk posh goth” style seemed more appropriate for me. Since then I have been experimenting with different influences from the punk scene, Viking clothing and also cultures from other countries.

Friends in Gothic Style

The best thing about the WGT? Meeting lovely people and enjoying the community. It’s not called Wave Gotik TREFFEN for nothing.

© Faunauge