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Material for headdresses and appropriate care tips

Pearls, pearls, pearls

At Faunauge, all possible and impossible materials are used. This way I can fulfil the most unusual wishes. In this article you can read about the materials I use, the jewellery I create and the care tips you should follow.

Vintage Beads Convolute
Vintage Beads Convolute

What material does Faunauge use?

In Faunauge, all possible and impossible materials are used.
To form large hats I use wool and hair felt. In summer, hats are made from ramie, seaweed, straw and paper. Sinamay is used for festive decorative hats.

Beanies, turbans and headbands are also available at Faunauge. They are made of cotton, viscose, knitwear, silk and satin, jersey, French Terry, Tencel/Lyocell, etc. I buy many of my great fabrics from a magical fabric shop in my neighbourhood: Kleine Hummel.

For bridal hair jewellery, I use metal or plastic combs, hair bands and various jewellery wires as a basis. The jewellery for the wedding is decorated with all kinds of materials, just as it fits best to the whole outfit. Freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones, silver, sequins, lace, ribbons, silk, veils and tulle, lacquer, leather, fake fur, real grasses, dried flowers, etc. The list is endless. The list is endless. So there are no limits to your wishes.

Not every material can be in stock, but will be procured according to all possibilities and efforts. Nevertheless, the higher the quality of the material, the more exclusive the production. But it also applies: not the most expensive material makes the most exciting design! Read also the article Upcycling – Faunauge and sustainability.

Hair Wreath Gold Green Traditional Costumes Oktoberfest Front View
Care tip: Store wire hair wreath in dust bag

How do I treat wire jewellery?

Jewellery made of silver, gold or enamelled wire should be stored in an airtight and dark place so that it retains its shining beauty for a long time. Appropriate storage options are included in the purchase price. The jewellery comes to you in packaging so that it can be stored safely. Jewellery made of silver wire can show characteristic tarnishing. My simple care tip for this is to rub it with a commercially available silver cleaning cloth.

Dust bag for hairband wedding
Care tip: Also wash the dust bag from time to time

How do I store my fascinator or headband?

For the fine jewellery you get at Faunauge, you also get a matching dust bag. You should put your product back in this bag every time you don’t wear it. An often underestimated element of care tips: clean the dust bag from time to time. This is where lint gets caught, which is difficult to remove from a fascinator.

Boho Hair Comb with Dried Grass
Hair combs are put into a chignon or braids

How do hair combs hold up?

The combs made of metal or plastic are very light, easy to handle and hold excellently for long parties. Usually it is enough to put the hair ornament with the comb into the hairstyle to achieve a firm fit. If necessary, you can also fix the hair accessories in place with a few clips. To do this, insert a bobby pin between the fabric flowers or the wires of the hair ornament.

What a coincidence: my "Clockwork #1" hat
The tricorne holds on to tousled hair

How does a tricorn hold up?

The small three-tips are best fixed in curly hair, heavily toupeed hair or updos with the help of the attached bobby pin/hair comb. Because the prongs can hook well into the hair. If necessary, an additional clamp can provide more hold, but the attached bobby pin/hair comb holds the small hat securely on the hairstyle all day long. Straight and loose hair, on the other hand, are less suitable for fastening, but this depends on the hair structure.

Summer hat from ramie in noble cream
Care tip: Stow summer hats away from light and dust in winter.

What happens when it’s raining or sunny?

Faunauges headwear is not suitable for outdoor activities. Hats made of fine straw or sinamay should ideally not be exposed to rain. Constant exposure to sunlight also damages the colours. Therefore, as soon as you take them off, put them back in their light-protected dust bag.
Bridal hair jewellery made of wire, pearls and stiffened lace is very robust. I know from a customer that she jumped into the swimming pool with her complete bridal outfit and the hair ornament did not suffer any damage.
Large felt hats are stiffened and can withstand the odd rain shower. My own travel hat survived spray in Bath, England and transport in a backpack without creasing.
If you follow these care tips, you will enjoy your pieces for a long time.

Pin fastening
Pins from Faunauge are to be fastened with a safety lock

Do pins ruin clothes?

Carefully choose where to place a pin. Test on an inconspicuous part of your clothing whether the material is suitable for wearing a pin, even if it is very light. This is so that no damage is done to the textiles. If it does, my care tips for it are: take suitable thread and try to plug the hole. A discarded garment causes more trouble in the world than a plugged hole.
Please treat the pin with the same care as you did when you made it. This will preserve its delicate shape and you will enjoy it for a long time.

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