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Professional equipment for professional results

My first Boater!

Professional tools produce professional results. I’m very eager to improvise and use all sorts of things that at first glance have nothing to do with headdress making. But every now and then, it makes sense for everyone involved to have proper equipment. For me: because I can achieve good results and apply techniques perfectly in a targeted manner. For relatives: because I don’t curse when something doesn’t hold the same, but rather do my work by whistling with pleasure. Freestyle customers: because you get 1A handwork at Faunauge.

The creator

Many thanks to the team of Guy Morse-Brown, the Hatblockmaker! The products are beautifully crafted, I have also received a gift in the form of new hat pins. And Catherine’s writing enchanting customer emails. You can ask her any question, and even if she doesn’t have the answer ready yet, she researches for the customers. Thank you very much!

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