Hair stick made of wood

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These hair sticks conjure up a chic and uncomplicated hairstyle in just a few turns. I planed each one by hand, so each stick has its own unique characteristics.

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Hair sticks are simple and at the same time elegant helpers to conjure up a great hairstyle in no time at all. I planed the hair sticks by hand in my garden, the wood also comes from our garden or one of the neighbouring gardens. I mainly use plum or cherry. The hair sticks vary somewhat in length. Most are about 16 cm long, one is even 27 cm long. Each stick is adorned with an individual decorative element that is tied on by hand.

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Amethyst with hematite and brass, Hematite and smoky quartz, Tourmaline quartz with lava and silver coloured ornament, Aventurine with gold coloured ornament, Black freshwater pearls with silver coloured leaf, white freshwater pearls with silver platelets