Hairpins flower white


Large flowers for a powerful appearance. This hair ornament is unmistakable. The expressive Kanzashi-style flowers are serious. Just like you do at your wedding.

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Fabric blossoms: elegant upcycling

Three fabric blossoms in a Japanese flower folding technique are striking and sustainable at the same time. They were made from a donation of cloth, a button-down-shirt. You can read about how I create such flowers in my blog post. So I prove that “homemade” doesn’t have to look like the eco-cliché that is stuck in many minds, but rather be really chic. How you can contribute to a sustainable use of fabrics can be seen in the great organization Fashion Revolution.

Cosplay with Faunauge

The Japanese technique clearly shows that Faunauges jewellery fits nicely into the manga scene. Look at my big Japanese style headband.

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Weight40 g
Dimensions7 × 4 × 1 cm
Basic colour


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metal hairpin


cotton, metal ornaments