Haircomb Florence


Delicate shapes from the flora are fascinating. Let yourself be enchanted and your dream hairstyle become reality. Fine shades of pink point the way.

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Fairy tales come true with Faunauge

Fantastic worlds, enchanted places, fabulous beings. All this, I try to make visible in my works of Faunauge. This fine and delicate hair comb Florence reminds of ferns or the small witch garden. If you like fairytale like jewellery, or maybe even have a tendency to cosplay, you will surely find yourself with me. Faunauges hair ornaments are also a perfect match for romantic weddings.

Flowers from nailpolish

Making these little flowers from lacquer is not at all easy and a really tricky matter. Don’t worry, in me you have found an artist who will take over the production for you. Do you still want to know the secret? Then take a look at my video to see how nailpolish blossoms are made.

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Weight20 g
Dimensions11 × 7 × 2 cm
Attachment type

metal hair comb


varnish, wire

Detail colour


Basic colour