Hair ornament White Mermaid


You’re the most beautiful bride with this wreath! It adorns your hair like a diadem. Two additional hair combs make the hair decoration even more opulent. Attach them over a deep knot for maximum effect!

estimated delivery: 3-5 days


At Faunauge you get many beautiful pieces of jewellery for your perfect equipment for a beach wedding. The White Mermaid hair ribbon is decorated with countless freshwater pearls. The bridal hair jewellery with pearls shimmers enchantingly in the light. The silver wire connects almost weightlessly every little pearl with each other and lets the bridal hair jewellery flow easily around your head.

Why a bridal hair jewellery with pearls?

Quite simple: because pearls are a symbol of the sea. They shimmer in fine shades and flash in your hair. If you are planning a beach wedding, pearls show your connection to the ocean.


Combining a bridal hair jewelry with pearls to your wedding outfit is always a safe and timeless method. Pearls look noble. Even if some people say pearls should not be worn at the wedding. For me, pearls simply belong to a beach wedding.
If you are still looking for the perfect ear jewellery, just write me and I will make you all other matching accessories. I’ll also create flowers for your groom, your bride, your flower children etc. for your big day!

Additional information

Weight50 g
Dimensions30 × 4 × 4 cm

glass beads, silver-coated wire, sweetwater pearls

Basic colour


Detail colour


Attachment type

alice band, loop, metal hair comb