Bridal hair jewellery Daughter of Pearl


This bridal hair ornament is an all-rounder for almost any hairstyle. Read below to find out how you can use it.

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With this bridal hair jewellery, you can style yourself in an uncomplicated, variable and perfect way for your wedding. This bridal hair ornament with countless mother-of-pearl beads gives your bridal hairstyle that certain something.
How to style your bridal hair jewellery
Are you wearing a Bridal Ponytail? The hair accessories look particularly beautiful when they are placed loosely and naturally around the braid or even braided into it.
Do you want a loose chignon? Then simply wrap the hair wreath casually around the chignon and pluck out a few strands.
Do you want to wear your hair loose? Use the bridal hair ornament as a small tiara over your forehead and hide the ends under your hair.
If you’re still not sure how you want your bridal style to look, don’t worry. This bridal hair ornament is so flexible that it can adapt to every possible hairstyle.

Additional information

Dimensions40 × 0,5 × 0,5 cm
Attachment type

metal hairpin


mother of pearl, silver-coated wire

Basic colour


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